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Shrinking Violet

This Unique, revolutionary body wrap works with lipolysis which is the scientific term for fat within the fat cells being broken down to be excreted in tissue fluid and dispersed through the lymphatic system vessels.

This is the most powerful inch loss wrap available today. Clients of a variety of body shapes are experiencing an average Inch Loss from 8" to 12" .

The cost of this 90 minute treatment is 50 & a course of six can be purchased for 270 for maximum results, we a recommended two maintenance sessions per year onwards. Please call salon for a phone consultation prior to booking appointments .

The solution is pleasantly scented with lavender, cypress and juniper which leaves the skin feeling soft and conditioned. Additionally, the oil is not washed off and remains actively working in the skin for 72 hours, when the least measurements should be taken.

The Process

 Following your personal consultation, you will be measured in certain areas in inches.

 Shrinking Violet is then expertly massaged into your skin from mid-calf to upper arms and a unique heat inducing wrapture is specifically wrapped around your body to create a mesh and help maintain a comfortable warmth and push the product into the skin.

 Finally, you will lie on the beauty couch with an electric underblanket for one hour, as heat is the activator needed for optimum slimming results. During this time, you will feel relaxed and warm and you may also take advantage of discounted treatments, HD's, Facials, eyelash procedures, while lying with you wrap on.

 After one hour, we remove the wrapture and record another set of body measurements and reveal your total inch loss..... and the best part is..... after 72 hours, we expect the inch loss to keep going!

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